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Poll Result

Poll Result
What feature will be most important when you purchase your next cell phone? [2223 votes total]

Camera (1727) 77.69%
MP3 Player (229) 10.30%
Small Size (170) 7.65%
Speaker Phone (97) 4.36%

Author: Aris Jordan
Posted on: Jun-4-2009

Views: 6177
Subject: Speaker phone is most important
I think it is more important because what if you need to talk on the phone with your best friend but don't want to do a3 way. You can let your friend talk to the person one the other without wasting their minutes.

Author: terms
Posted on: Apr-10-2009

Views: 6784
Subject: komita
mil i grigoven

Author: Callie
Posted on: Feb-24-2009

Views: 7411
Subject: Phone
LG Viewty-Excellent-mine has my name on it!

Author: fcku
Posted on: Feb-12-2009

Views: 7595
Subject: phones.
nokia E71 only phone for me, its got everything, camera. . . if you want good pictures get a digital camera, mp3 player. . . for good sound quality get a proper one, sml size is great but not really something you should buy one for, speaker phone not important either.
all a mobile is meant for is to make and recieve calls and texts.
but since technology is now better than ever, i advise everyone to get a pda. with many applications for weather, internet, email, camera, memory. . .
but E71 is the best

Author: Titan
Posted on: Jan-29-2009

Views: 7763
Subject: Camera
yeh we wants camera now in applications for be ease work everywhere

Author: Blake
Posted on: Dec-8-2008

Views: 8513
Subject: hey

I have all 4 of those and what type camera

Author: Ronnie
Posted on: Nov-9-2008

Views: 8847
Subject: what?
Don't you have the money to buy yourself a cam? do you realy need camera rather then a cellphone light and havyduty? if you realy need a cam get one... nat a stupid phone with max 5MP and no zoom optic

Author: s raja
Posted on: Nov-5-2008

Views: 8905
Subject: cam
iam raja ilooking you good thkx

Author: MemphisQueen
Posted on: Aug-19-2008

Views: 9902
Subject: c
MEMPHIS ALL DAY got the best cphones

Author: Oleg
Posted on: Jan-21-2008

Views: 12540
Subject: London

Author: Jordan
Posted on: Jan-16-2008

Views: 12595
Subject: wat I would want the most on my cell phone
I defanetly would need a camera sooo I could



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